Are You Wearing Protection When You’re Deer Hunting?

I probably could point to a handful of events that impacted my hearing and have helped to cause the aggravating problems bothering me today, events some of y’all probably experienced, too.

Working with loud power tools, yard equipment or work equipment for extended periods. LIstening to loud music in a vehicle or at a live concert. Gunfire without hearing protection.

Raise your hands if you went to the shooting range as a kid or even today without ear plugs or ear muffs. Probably a bunch of us did. Now how about the time you didn’t get the barrel of your monster-whopper rifle out of the box blind, pulled the trigger and it felt like your head was exploding? Or maybe you have a muzzle break on your rifle barrel and didn’t get it out of the blind, or you shot by someone at the range who was using one.

I’ll say this: my father didn’t have the best muffs, but the first times I recall going to the range with him when I was in elementary school we used them. I thought that was kind of badass and I was like the big adults with my shooting muffs. Wow! Only later did I realize how important they are.

And now, at age 49, I’m paying the piper for some of my other bad decisions. Fortunately, I’m smarter with age. I wear muffs when I run our noisy weed eater and when I’m at the range. I have several pairs of sound-enhancing/decibel shutoff muffs from Walker’s Game Ear and Howard Leight and sometimes combine them with foam plugs at the range for extra protection. I’ve used the Game Ear hearing aids or muffs ever since Bob Walker founded the company more than 15 years ago, and they’re highly beneficial.

If you don’t protect your hearing or the hearing of your family when you’re at the range or hunting, shame on you. It’s easy to do. It’s important. And maybe they, at age 49, won’t have tinnitus and say, “Huh?” or just nod and smile in a big crowd because the chirpy chatter is too much.

Be smart. Use protection.


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