What’s The Best Hunting Knife Blade Length?

Hunting Knives: Why Bigger Isn’t Better

Ever wonder just what size knife blade is the best for field dressing and skinning deer? Well the authors of Gut It Cut It Cook It certainly have their opinion, and I tend to agree with them.

We recommend using knives with a blade between 2 and 4 inches long. A smaller blade will give yo much more control and precision; that’s one reason surgeons use scalpels rather than Bowie knives.

The Perfect Hunting Blade

Using a larger blade only increases the chance that you’ll cut something you don’t want to cut. Potentially, that includes your own fingers. A larger blade is also much more difficult to maneuver when you’re reaching way inside the deer during certain field-dressing steps.

Plus, when you’re not using your knife you’ll be carrying it. A shorter knife is lighter and less likely to catch on the brush or get in the way when you sit down.

Good steel matters; pretty handles don’t. Invest in a quality knife and learn how to keep it sharp. When you consider the money you spent on all your other hunting gear, it doesn’t make sense to rely on a cheap knife — or far worse, an expensive dull knife.

The preceding was an excerpt from Gut It Cut It Cook It, the book that guides deer hunters through every step of the meat making process — from the field to the table. No detail is left out, in this fully-illustrated guide; from proper field dressing and butchering to storing and preparing your venison.

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