Deer Hunting Tips

Have deer hunting problems? We have solutions. Our experts share dozens of handy deer hunting tips, tricks and deer hunting tactics to enhance and improve your deer hunting experience. This critical advice will take your whitetail pursuits to the next level.

Bowhunting Practice (Shane Indrebo)

Top Tips for Tighter Arrow Groups

I’m fortunate enough to have three great archery shops in my town, all run by great folks with about a bazillion years of experience with the stick and string. Full Draw Archery, Custom Archery Center and Backwater Outdoors serve a city of a couple of hundred thousand folks. There’s a bunch of bowhunters around...


Become a Home Bow Mechanic

Want to be a better archer? Learn to tune your hunting rig. By Bob Robb Recently, I received an e-mail from a fan: “I really enjoy the advice you give all us serious deer hunters,” the archer wrote. “I am an avid bowhunter but I have to admit, I have never set up or...


Plan Ahead When Planting Food Plots

Be prepared so you can take advantage of your tractor time A few years ago during a workday on our lease we experienced a broken part on the disk of our tractor and everything came to an immediate halt. By Alan Clemons Fortunately our property was only 20 minutes or so from the nearest town....


Deadly Silent Bows in Five Steps

  Assembling a whisper quiet whitetail bowhunting rig puts you at a huge diadvantage. Here’s how the author does it. Creating a deadly-quiet bowhunting outfit makes you a deadlier predator. It’s true the modern compound bow is quieter than ever right out of the box. By Patrick Meitin It’s also true you’ll never hear a bowhunter...


Become a Creature of Habit

By Steve Bartylla We’ve been trained to avoid falling into ruts. After all, if we take the same route into the woods every time or hunt our favorite stands too often, we risk having deer pattern us. Still, some habits are good. One is making a last check of the hourly weather before hitting the...


Bow Hunting Tip: Carefully Consider Your Draw Weight

By Bob Banfelder The power of a bow is determined by its peak draw weight and arrow draw length, measured in pounds and inches, respectively. Folks often make the mistake of purchasing a bow with a maximum draw weight they can comfortably pull back while standing in the shop. They don’t realize that during...