Deer Hunting Tips

Have deer hunting problems? We have solutions. Our experts share dozens of handy deer hunting tips, tricks and deer hunting tactics to enhance and improve your deer hunting experience. This critical advice will take your whitetail pursuits to the next level.

Public land bucks often are tougher to pattern and hunt due to the pressure on the land, but some hunters achieve annual success through hard work, woodsmanship and a bit of luck.

Secrets Revealed About Public Land Whitetail Hunting Strategies

Public land hunting is the norm for people across the country, but perfecting the approach can mean the difference between a successful trip and a bad trip. On this week’s Deer & Deer Hunting TV, airing Tuesday on NBC Sports, industry experts offer their advice on the best way to approach hunting on public...


The Deer Call That Will Fill Your Freezer This Fall

When it comes to the best deer hunting strategies, sometimes we think it’s so easy a kid could do it and other times we’re left scratching our heads in confusion. We did all the right things, had the best setup, the best hunting equipment and still got busted or zeroed. One thing most hunters...

This nice 10-point Coues deer was taken  at 350 yards in January 2012 in Chihuahua, Mexico with the .257 Wby. Mag. and Robb’s handloads.

No Debate: Weatherby .257 Delivers Solid Accuracy, Power For Deer

While we’re out back scrappin’ and fightin’ about the never-ending debate on what caliber rifle is best for deer hunting, for one veteran there’s no doubt in his mind what he prefers. Rob Robb has hunted deer throughout the country, along with other game including elk, pronghorn and sheep. He’s tried guns of different...

Deer hunting Florida 063

Go Long to Set Bow’s Peep for Deer Hunting, Then Work Back

Top tips from the pro competitors and veteran hunters can help when you’re setting up a bow or have questions about strategies in the field. Here’s a good tip from Mathews pro Tommy Gomez about getting your peep sight situated and ready for competition or hunting. When setting your peep sight, I recommend starting...

Jack Wallace big buck

Lower Your Poundage, Improve Your Odds When Bowhunting Whitetails

With deer seasons opening in some states already and on the verge in most others, some hunters are fine-tuning their final preparations before heading to the woods. Bowhunters, especially, seem to sometimes be a little OCD about their gear and routines. But that’s fine, because the challenge of shooting a buck or doe with...

Buck in fall grass

Answering Questions About Guns, Ammo, Deer and Man’s Best Friend

Discussion and debate are great things when it comes to hunting deer because with so many hunters having different experiences the different opinions and insights can sometimes lead to introspection about our previously-held ideas. The following are the results of a study by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources into guns, ammunition and...