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Chronic wasting disease is a perplexing issue for biologists, state wildlife agencies and hunters. The disease has been discovered in more than two dozen U.S. states and Canadian provinces. (Photo: Warden Micheal Hopper, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism)

Study Shows Some Deer Genetically Resistant to Chronic Wasting Disease

I think it was Kramer from the comedy Seinfeld who said it best: Mother Nature is a mad scientist! Nowhere is this more apparent than when considering how different animals have physical characteristics that may look strange, but that are best suited to their environment. For example, whitetail deer are born with white spots,...

Deer feed on native browse such as acorns and persimmons where they can find them, and often hit them hard once the high-carb mast begins falling in autumn.

7 Killer Bowhunting Tips: Acorns as Calling Cards

Every time my wife, Nicole, and I set up a stand in a tree or on the ground, we look for ways to make that location the best it can be. We try to enhance each stand location by making sure there are one or more calling cards available to deer. By Pat Reeve What...

Coyotes are not evenly distributed throughout their range in the Southeast and seek habitat niches where food sources are abundant Photo by istockphoto

Is Coyote Control the Answer for Better Deer Hunting?

As I discussed in previous Deer & Deer Hunting articles, white-tailed deer populations seem to have peaked throughout much of North America and now are on the decline — in some areas sharply. Obviously, fewer deer means fewer hunting opportunities. By John Ozoga For Deer & Deer Hunting The reasons for this deer population decline...

DEER  Man sneaks up on buck and touches

WATCH: Incredible Video of a Deer Hunter and Massive Buck

We don’t throw around the “incredible” platitude too often but this video pretty much qualifies for that category if you were to try to describe it to someone. Seriously, how could it not be? A deer hunter, a massive buck and even with probably the wind in his face and the buck’s hiding spot...

A well-planned clover plot can yield results for years and give deer, turkeys and other wildlife nutritious forage.

Extend the Life of Your Favorite Clover Food Plot

Most companies will claim a lifespan of three to five years on their perennials. However, if you care for them properly a perennial stand can last for many years. Perennials like red and white clovers, alfalfa, trefoils and chicory provide dependable nutrition and attraction and are especially important for antler growth, fawn rearing and...