$19,000 Bucks for a Buck’s Sheds?

An Iowa-based Deer Show
and Auction
is pulling in some serious bucks ($) by selling large shed antlers.
The pair shown below, according to the Web site, sold for $19,000. The site
doesn’t say either way, but many believe these antlers came from farm-raised
whitetail. Given the potential value of sheds in the auction market, could shed
antler hunting find renewed interest — and what about the implications for states
with laws prohibiting the sale of antlers?


One thought on “$19,000 Bucks for a Buck’s Sheds?

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    these sheds were WILD found sheds in illinois
    NOT pen raised deer
    although there is vallue in pen raised sheds
    & they are LEGAL to sell in iowa & for that matter most states
    it is in all cases the buyers responsibility to know thier home state laws regaurding the sale & possession of antlers
    The Dubuque Iowa Whitetail Classic is my show
    i know where those sheds came from & i know where they went
    & yes they did bring $19,000
    I have it on video filmed by Pat Reeve’s film crew
    e mail me at circlem@q.com & i will send you a coppy of the video
    Posted by: steve morehead

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