3 Reasons to Take Kids Hunting, and Watch This Awesome Reaction to Her First Deer

Hunters for, well, basically forever have understood one simple thing: to have a future of hunting, you must include young hunters and teach them about the outdoors.

First Deer with a Bow2Why? Because despite being a cliche, young hunters are the future. As with anything — baseball, cooking, engineering, building houses, whatever — the next generation(s) watch and learn from their adult mentors. And it’s part of our requirement as adult mentors and hunters, anglers and outdoorsmen to teach and nurture the next generation.

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Three reasons why:

1. Hunting is a healthy way to enjoy the outdoors and learn about success and failure, discipline and self-preservation. Are you stuck overnight in the woods? Do you know how to remain calm, build a shelter, start a campfire from your emergency overnight kit, and not freak out because your iPhone 6 isn’t working? Miss a deer with your bow at close range? Learn from it. You’ve gone two seasons without killing a deer? Re-evaluate and learn, but don’t give up.

2. Hunting puts food on the table. Yeah, you can argue that going to Publix or Whole Foods or IGA is easier. But if you’re buying beef, chicken, pork or fish, animals still die for that pre-packaged stuff. It’s not like they just magically show up in plastic wrap created by the supermarket fairy. Go out in the woods and learn how to get it yourself.

3. Memories, man. Memories. This young lady and her father never will forget this moment. Ever.

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POST by Chris Bryan.

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