4 Great Tips to Protect Your First Summer Seedlings

Planting seedlings and raising them to become trees can be a rewarding experience.

Seasoned tree planters will tell you getting them through the heat and drought of their first summer is the biggest obstacle. The following are some tips for first summer success.

Tree tubes and the proper spacing between seedlings can help protect them during the harsh months of their first summer.

Protection: First and foremost, put tree protectors, or tree tubes, around each and every seedling on planting day. They accelerate growth and protect your plants from deer and other plant destroying critters. Don’t plant a tree without them. 

Weed control: Aggressive weeds, including grasses, will rob your seedlings of necessary moisture and nutrients. You can provide mechanical control with a hoe or weed eater, or chemical control with a contact herbicide such as glyphosate. No matter your choice, keep at least a 3-feet radius weed free around your prized plants during the growing season. 

Mulch: Mulch shades the ground around your precious seedling, keeping the soil cool. It also suppresses thirsty weeds and traps moisture that would otherwise evaporate. Natural mulches such as bark, straw or leaves work well and break down into soil-building organic matter. In extremely droughty areas, fabric and plastic weed mats work exceptionally well to trap and hold moisture around the roots. 

Supplement: Like humans, plants need a quality food source to stay healthy and reach their full potential. Proper fertilization encourages a strong root system that is much more capable of utilizing available soil moisture than a stressed out, underfed root system. Consider using manure-based organic or low-salt chemical fertilizers instead of traditional chemical fertilizers. Follow the instructions on the bag. And yes, it’s ok to fertilize a tree its first year.

Flowering and mast producing trees are an integral part of quality habitat, but getting them established can be a daunting task for the beginning grower. Following the prior steps to success will save you a ton of heartache and make you look like an old pro.

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