4 Tips to Make a Quick and Effective Mock Scrape

Providing easy shot opportunities is one of the biggest advantages mock scrapes provide. To do that, simply place the mock scrape within a comfortable shooting distance of, and with the lick branch pointing toward, the stand.

Doing so focuses attention away from the hunter and strongly encourages broadside and quartering-away angles.

hunt-mock-scrapesThe rest is merely following a series of steps:

1. Select a location where you expect the deer to be traveling within shooting range with a potential licking branch pointing toward the stand. It’s also best when the forest floor is relatively open and flat or sloping slightly upward toward the lick branch.

2. The licking branch should be around nose level to passing deer, and drooping downward. Existing branches can be pulled down to accommodate this or be added to a tree with brackets or wire.

3. Following the tip of the licking branch down to the dirt, begin to make about a 2- to 3-foot oval, with the majority being offset to the front of the licking branch.

4. I then attach a Wildlife Research Center Magnum Scrape Dripper to a branch above the lick branch, keeping it out of the way. Filling it with Active or Golden Scrape keeps the scrape charged with scent for up to two weeks, while only dispersing fresh scent during legal hunting hours.


Make Great Mock Scrapes
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