Roughly a year ago Giles Island was under about 25 feet of water when the mighty Mississippi River stormed out of its banks.

Long known as a big buck hunting ground Giles Island, is a free range property. Deer swim the river and hunters who book trips with the outfitter have the opportunity to kill a buck of a lifetime. Even with the flood waters that pushed deer off the island, the habitat survived and thrived and deer returned.

Man, did they ever!

Joshua Bruce of Alexandria, La., killed a stupendous nontypical at Giles Island recently that green scored at 242 6/8 gross.

You read that right – 242 6/8 points, which Giles Island manager Jimmy Riley says probably will be around 225 net nontypical after official scoring and drying. It would be among the top three or four nontypical bucks in Mississippi’s famed Magnolia Records and, obviously, a monster on anyone’s wall. Mississippi Sportsman has the full story and it’s dynamite.

Riley saw the buck a year ago but it had just one “normal” nontypical antler and the other side was screwed up. Like, really screwed up to the point of being sort of an “ugh” deer. He figured if it ever got both antlers going strong it could be a 200-incher or better.

Bruce dropped him with a shot from his .30-06 on a recent hunt. He was geared bigtime to getting this buck, and he did. But you have to read the full story in Mississippi Sportsman to find out how it all played out!

Congrats to Bruce on a fine whitetail and to Riley for keeping track of the big bruiser at Giles Island. Good managers know their property and deer!