A Good Cause: Mission 2011

by Ben Sobieck, online editor

Sept. 30, 2008, D&DH posted this
here on the Rub Line Blog. At only 13, hunter Zachary McAmis was well on
his way to a successful hunting career. He had just killed a mature 10-point Kansas

On top of the deer, his family had another reason to celebrate. Zachary was born with
a life-threatening heart condition. He was never supposed to live long enough to have
killed that Kansas buck. Despite the odds against him, Zachary grew to become an accomplished

Zachary pursued the richness of the outdoors every chance he could. While fishing
on a creek bank, his heart stopped beating. He died on June 6, 2009.

But the hunt isn’t over yet. Zachary’s parents, Cece and Phil McAmis, started Mission
. It’s an organization aimed at getting 100,000 kids into the outdoor sports.

Phil posted this
about the founding of Mission. He wrote:

“My little man was gone. I had so much left to teach him. So much left
to do. Who would I hunt with now? Who would I share my stands with? I was broken.

“The answer came the following September when a friend of mine asked me if I would
take his son Kiel out to kill a deer. I would have said no but Kiel was Zac’s best

“The next day Jim, Kiel, and I headed out to the deer blind and Kiel shot his first
big buck. I had my answers. Zac’s legacy would live on. There are young people all
over who need good mentors.”

Participating in Mission could
not be easier.

First, introduce a youth into the outdoor sports. That could mean deer hunting, an
afternoon fishing, a few rounds on the range, cooking game together, heading out camping
or even just explaining why the outdoors are important.

Second, join Mission on facebook. Click
here to “like” the cause
. Share your story and connect with others.

Last, tell others to do the same.

That’s it. There’s no money involved, just your time. That’s more valuable than any
dollar amount to a kid who needs an outdoors mentor.

One thought on “A Good Cause: Mission 2011

  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Hi all
    This amazin story of Heart ache and courage is an inspiration to me. As difficult as it must have been for Phil to write this story for us I know it was over due. I could feel Zac’s spirit teaching us how to Live and the Healing that has takin place for them and me is truly GOD givin ! I am going to do my part to continue to get the story out there God willing we can not only exceed the Missions goal but teach those young men and women we take afield the importance of doin the same when they get older. That is what the true sportsman has done all along…

    Joe Nighswonger
    Founder Great Lakes Bow Hunter’s Posted by: Joe Nighswonger

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