A Kid and a 30-Point Buck!

Well, almost 30 points … 27 to be exact.

Can you believe this story about 12-year old Dylan Beach-Bittner, a young Minnesota hunter who dropped the buck of a lifetime?

While hunting with his stepfather, Beach-Bittner noticed a buck walk into a field shortly after they got into the stand. He took aim with his .270 rifle when it was about 50 yards away and dropped it. It got up, walked a few steps and then fell for good.

“I was surprised at how big he was,” Dylan told the Brainerd Dispatch. The buck had 27 points on a non-typical frame, with great mass and multiple brow tines.

It’s an astounding buck and one Beach-Bittner will remember the rest of his life.

“It seems like it gets bigger every time I see it,” he told the Dispatch.