A whopper buck and a unique story

We recently received this story via e-mail and have yet to confirm it. If it is the
real deal it’s a heck of a story. In any case, it’s one heck of a buck.

This kid was coming from the woods after hunting the morning on his Grandpas farm.
I believe Jennings County Indiana. As he was walking back to the house he sees this
Monster buck fighting with a concrete statue. He walks up to it and shoots but hits
it in the leg, the deer runs about 50 yds away and stops. I guess he decided that
he was going to go back and whip this concrete deers butt. He turns around and takes
a dead run at the statue crashing in to it, the deer knocks himself out and the statue
falls on his head pinning him down. The kid knocks another arrow and shoots the deer,
in the picture it looks like twice.

Anyway as you can see by the pics he killed the deer and supposedly this deer green
scored around 230 inches. If that is correct and they allow it as a bow kill this
will be the new state record for archery. The current record is 221.