You Absolutely Won’t Believe What These Deer Are Eating

Ask any deer hunter what he or she thinks are a deer’s favorite foods and you’ll likely get a laundry list of the best forage for deer.

Probably would go something like this: corn, clover, soybeans, rye, wheat, alfalfa, acorns, whatever agriculture crops are available, apples, pears, persimmons, berries and on and on. You’ll get different answers in different parts of the country, of course. Deer may munch on palmetto berries in Florida or along the Gulf Coast, cactus in Texas and ears of corn the size of small puppies up in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Deer are carnivores, too. You say BS? Come on, now, don’t be that way. Maybe “carnivores” is a tad strong. Let’s agree that deer are opportunistic eaters, though. Have a look at these videos:

OK, that was kind of weird. Looks like the parental birds were a bit upset, too.

How about this video?

Holy smokes! Bullwinkle is eating Rocky the Squirrel!

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Let’s see that again.

OK, well, it is freezing cold. Who can blame a deer for finding some bonafide protein in that kind of weather?

Here’s one that leaves no doubt.

Well, that was interesting wasn’t it? Deer eating birds and squirrels. Deer likely will take advantage of whatever they can find including a nest of quail eggs or other small game taste treats.

Anyone else have an experience like these to share with us? We’d love to hear about it.


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