Age Doesn’t Matter for This Diehard Deer Hunter

Clyde Roberts of Virginia has been deer hunting for about 35 years, which doesn’t sound like a big deal until you learn that he started when he was 65 years old.

Clyde Roberts 100yoYep, Roberts began deer hunting when he retired and has enjoyed hunting and the outdoors moreso since then. He turned 100 years old on Oct. 29, which was a perfect day to head to the woods with his inline muzzleloader for an afternoon hunt.

That evening, Roberts celebrated his birthday along with the success of a great hunt. He shot an 8-point with a 19-inch inside spread, his fifth deer of the Virginia season and third buck.

“That was the one I’d been wanting to kill,” he said in this report. “I thought I done pretty good for an old man.”

Roberts was hunting with his son, Clyde, who has guided hunters in Montana. Last autumn he didn’t travel out west, opting instead to spend time at home with his family so he could hunt with his father.

“His eyesight is extremely good and he still shoots very well,” Mike Roberts said.

Clyde Roberts was advised to avoid climbing a tree stand, but he didn’t heed the suggestion. Life isn’t lived to be sitting in a recliner, he believes, and that doesn’t matter for any age.

“He said I don’t think you got no business going up a tree stand on a ladder,” he said. “Then I went to him this last fall and he checked me out. He said that ole heart’s been a hitting for a long time and it don’t sound too bad. I’m going to tell you to just do what you feel like you wanna do.”