Alsheimer’s Predictions Spot-On

Early reports of fawning dates are reinforcing the fact that Charles Alsheimer’s
lunar-based rut predictions were nearly spot-on for most of the whitetail breeding
activity in areas north of the 35th parallel.

D&DH readers might recall that in the October 2007 “Rut Hunting” issue of the
magazine, Alsheimer predicted the breeding phase would primarily fall within the seven-day
window of Nov. 4 through 10. He made this prediction based off the fact that the second
full moon after the autumnal equinox would occur on Oct. 26. Over the past week (May
19 to 24), many readers have reported seeing newborn fawns dot the landscape. We’ve
had reports all the way from New York west to the Dakotas. With a gestational period
of approximately 195 days, these does would have been bred precisely within the predicted

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Dan Schmidt, D&DH Editor