Another County Considers Urban Deer Hunting

Urban deer hunts are gaining popularity in many cities and counties as officials wrangle with populations of whitetails harming yards, parks and causing traffic accidents.

Officials in Chesterfield County, Virginia, are hearing from residents on both sides of the issue about allowing bowhunting in certain parks. According to this report, the Chesterfield Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission listened to proponents and opponents at a recent meeting.

The commission has taken no action on the idea.

“Most of the emails we’ve received have been against the bow hunting so this was a bit of a surprise,” commission chair Tim Mick said in the report.

Hunting supporter Kevin Carroll told the board that allowing hunting could help reduce traffic accidents.

“Fourteen hundred and sixty three since 2008, that’s a lot of motor vehicle crashes with a deer, that’s a lot of property damage,” he said.

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