BREAKING: New York Record Nontypical Hoax

UPDATED:  Late last week, we broke news of a possible record nontypical buck taken in New York. (See the post below) However, it now appears the hunter was attempting a hoax with a game farm buck.

Earlier today, the hunter’s brother, who tipped us off to the buck in the first place, e-mailed us to let us know that he had just found out the buck was actually killed in an enclosure.

“I am sorry for sending you pictures of my brothers deer,” He wrote. ” I had no idea it was shot on a farm!  I am totally embarrassed to say the least!”

Subsequently, the Watertown Daily Times posted THIS STORY.

According to the report, the hunter who claimed to have killed the possible state record buck in Rutland Corners instead received a ticket  from the state Department of Environmental Conservation for filing a false statement.

The report said he claimed he bagged the nontypical buck while hunting in the town of Rodman on property belonging to a family friend. However, officials of the group that certifies rack sizes said they believe he shot the deer on a deer farm, then took the deer to Rutland Corners, where he was photographed with his prize.

Here’s the original post:

And the monster nontypical parade continues!

Last week, we told you about a possible Wisconsin record nontypical as well as a giant potential record from Minnesota. Well, add New York to the list of states on the verge of watching a freak-nasty take over the top spot.

On Sept. 27, Wayne Long of Watertown, N.Y., arrowed this potential record buck  in the town of Rodman.

It was scored by the local taxidermist with 26 points at 226-5/8 inches.

We will have more details as they become available.

Obviously, this is already turning into a monster buck season for the ages! See our breaking coverage of the other monster bucks below.

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