Another Rabid Whitetail

Last month we had THIS STORY about a hunter who contracted rabies from a deer he killed after it GROWLED at him.

According to a report in the Cumberland-Times News, a woman was also exposed to the virus by a white-tailed deer. This poor gal, was kicked in the face by the offending whitetail. Yikes!

The last thing Theresa Stevens expected to happen July 6 was to be kicked in the face by a deer, especially a deer that had rabies.

The Georges Creek Boulevard woman is part way through a series of post-exposure rabies shots that will continue weekly into early August.

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Stevens, whose home is directly behind Jolly Roger Discount Liquors, said she had let her Yorkie out of the house at 6 a.m. when she looked up and found herself nose to nose with a deer.

β€œIt stood up on its back legs and hit me in the cheek with one hoof and on the shoulder with the other,” Stevens told the Cumberland-Times.

Stevens pushed the deer away, grabbed her dog, and awakened her husband, Larry, telling him she had been attacked by a deer.

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