Another Wolf Hunting Season Plan Takes Shape

gray wolf huntingThe Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has set a preliminary harvest quota for the hunting and trapping season planned to begin in October.

The agency released a goal of 142 to 233 wolves as it planned four meetings  to collect public input on what would be Wisconsin’s first regulated wolf harvest.

The state would see seven wolf harvest zones, each with an individual quota. Quotas will be at least partially determined by the number of wolf depredation problems.

The plan also includes hunting and trapping outside core Wisconsin wolf range to slow the spread of wolves into new areas.

Hunters and trappers would be required to register wolves by telephone or Internet within 24 hours of the kill. The state would issue an emergency closure in any zone that reached its quota.

The DNR has made multiple documents available ahead of the meetings. They can be found on the DNR Website’s Wolf Management page.

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