Antlers a Hit with L.A. Designers

Left-Coast trend-setters are finally catching up with us deer hunters in the
“cool” department — almost. Apparently us antler-fanatics have occupied a higher
rung up the “hip” ladder than even we realized. Get this: California designers at
an ultra-contemporary apparel company called Rich-In-Craft,
have introduced a deer antler handled purse — the Folie à Deux bag. With custom CNC
machined aluminum buckles, this purse is, according to them, “the quintessential duality
of functional feminine artistry.”

Hold on a minute. It’s a deer antler. One has to scratch their head wondering how
deer antlers — which exist on male deer for the primary purpose of establishing masculine
dominance for purposes of breeding — have to do with being “feminine.”

Further pushing the limits of the absurd, the purse’s handle is not even a real antler,
but an “exclusive amalgam of polyurethane and glass.” Translation: plastic. Newsflash:
We deer hunters admire antlers, and ours are made of bone, that come from real deer,
thank you very much.

Now, before you read what they have to say about the antler handle itself, you might
want to head to your local Starbucks, grab yourself an Arabian Mocha Latte’ and cozy
up to get in the mood:

“The handle symbolizes the sharp element of the wild.”

Now THAT is deep. While we attempt to ponder that golden nugget of higher intellectualism,
our question is: When will we see a camo version?


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    Not only a accessary, but also a instrument of mass destruction. LOL Posted by: EatDeer

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