Archery Range Opens in Northern Arizona

More than 300 people showed up July 5 to help the Arizona Department of Fish and Game open the Northern Arizona Shooting Range about 10 miles east of Flagstaff.

Attendees were invited to shoot archery on one of the facility’s 50-yard ranges. Work is under way to develop the facility’s six-distance archery range, which will place targets from 10-90 meters. The ranges are being built with help from the National Rifle Association and federal funds collected through the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act.

Mike Raum, ADFG’s bowhunting coordinator, said the range will be operated and maintained by Northern Arizona Shooting Foundation.

“The goal is to work with an archery club to take care of the range and conduct shoots,” Raum said. “That’s how a lot of our ranges operate.”

The range’s grand opening included remarks from Congressman Paul Gosar and state Rep. Tom Chabin, and a ceremonial blessing from a Hopi tribal elder. In addition to archery shooting, attendees also took turns shooting .22 rifles at steel targets and shotguns at sporting clays.

Tucson Archers Ready

Meanwhile, residents of Oro Valley on the north side of Tucson in Arizona’s Pima County are looking forward to new archery ranges planned for the Naranja Town Site Park, thanks to a cooperative effort through the AFGD, Raum reports.

The proposal, 18 months in the making, was recently OK’d by the Tucson City Council. Raum said parks-and-rec officials hope construction work will begin in August. The park also will include baseball, soccer, softball and football fields; tennis and basketball courts; a skateboarding and rollerblading arena; BMX track and improved and primitive trails.

The archery range will feature targets from 10-90 meters for FITA competition, as well as two 14-target walking courses. The targets will be bought by the Pusch Ridge Archery Club. The archery range will be located near the entrance to the 212-acre park.

The AFGD is providing a $15,000 range grant to help build the facility, which also includes a shade canopy, concreted pad, restroom facilities and a storage shed. Raum said range supporters are also applying for a grant from the Easton Sports Development Foundation to help cover costs.