Arkansas Seeking Deer Management Input

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has posted two surveys on its website as a way to gather input on wildlife management plans throughout the state.

The surveys outline goals, objectives and strategies for the 2013 strategic deer and turkey management plans.

In 2007, the AGFC Wildlife Management Division’s deer team developed a Strategic Deer Management Plan to guide the future of deer management in Arkansas. It was developed using historical harvest and biological data, input from deer managers across the state and a considerable amount of public input. The plan requires an update every five years.

The deer team thoroughly reviewed the 2007 Strategic Deer Management Plan in 2012. The team identified several items that had been completed, items that should remain in the future plan, and new items to further guide deer management in Arkansas. The additional items were added as new objectives and strategies in order to address future deer management activities.

Beginning in 1999, the AGFC’s Turkey Team established a Wild Turkey Management Plan to steer turkey management in Arkansas. The plan was developed using the same data as the deer plan along with input from turkey managers across the state as well as public input. A survey about turkey management also is available.

To take the surveys, go to this link.

Comments will be accepted on both plans through Sept. 30.