At Risk of Being Gored, Man Frees Buck from Tangled Mess

Wildlife and man often have strange interactions, with the former getting into trouble sometimes due to the latter’s lack of though about what could happen due to negligent actions.

This young buck obviously is clear proof of that issue, having become tangled in a snarled mess of bailing twine someone didn’t dispose of properly. Similar to anglers tossing away a wad of fishing line that birds or aquatic critters can get snarled in, deer, turkeys and other wildlife can get wrapped in wire or twine and have serious issues. This buck could have slammed himself into a tree or maybe been taken down by predators.

Kudos to the man in the video for risking getting his tail kicked by a thrashing buck or even gored by the antlers. Even though this was in August and the buck’s antlers were in velvet, they’re powerful animals and a frightened deer could do some serious damage with his hooves or antlers.


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