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B&C Changes Its Argument on the King Buck

Johnny King Buck - Photo of the possible world record whitetail buckThe controversy surrounding the potential world-record Johnny King Buck just got a lot more interesting.

After Deer & Deer Hunting broke Duncan Dobie’s story about the dispute surrounding the Johnny King Buck, Boone & Crockett Club officials issued a statement saying they believed the buck was a nontypical because the buck’s right "G3" was offset from the main line of the main beam.

In a statement posted today on its website, B&C now claims the right antler does not a have G3, but "an abnormal point that rises off of the G2."

Confused? You’re not alone.

In an interview with D&DH this afternoon, 30-year certified B&C scorer Ron Boucher said he thinks the club is wrestling with its worst scoring problem in 35 years — and is going about it the wrong way.

"I still believe strongly in what the Boone and Crockett Club stands for, but I just believe Jack Reneau is wrong on this deer — using the words of the official measurer’s manual," said Boucher.

He also had strong words for many of the individuals who have posted comments on blogs, forums and article links.

"These people claim to be experts on scoring, but they are expressing opinions without ever having held the rack and scored it themselves. They simply don’t know what they’re talking about," Boucher said. "The point does not come off of the G-2. You cannot determine that from a photo. You have to put your hands on the rack. It is a common base-point [has the Figure-8 at the base line]. You ask any scorer who has actually put his hands on this rack, put masking tape to it and a straight edge, and 95 percent of them will tell you it passes the Figure 8 test as described in the Boone and Crockett scorer’s manual … and that it is a straight 6-by-6 typical all the way."

In its online article, B&C went on to state, "… it makes more sense to enter this deer as a non-typical at a score of roughly 217 points. However, this deer should end up being ranked among the top non-typicals of all-time from the book-dominating state of Wisconsin."

Boucher scoffed at that notion. "That is absolutely absurd," he said. "To say this is a 217-inch nontypical, you’re going to look ridiculous. Furthermore, there are probably more than two dozen deer from Wisconsin that netted more than 217."

Boucher is not the only prominent B&C scorer or whitetail expert who has handled the rack and expressed opinions that it should be scored as a typical or, at a minimum, be called in for a panel-scoring session. Others who have actually scored the rack include Marlin Laidlaw, Herm Feller and John Ramsey of the Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club, and Mike Handley of Buckmasters. Gordon Whittington of North American Whitetail has also inspected the rack on several occasions and has made recent statements that he believes it qualifies as a typical and should be panel-scored.

Click here to read the entire King Buck story from the beginning.


66 thoughts on “B&C Changes Its Argument on the King Buck

  1. The Big Cat

    Holy %&*$#^%@ are you fools dense lead by MR John Keel the fact you even mentioned Rompola tells me someone should have monitored your comp time at the tard centre where you live. Rompola was a fraud and a fake and so is Jay Fish the guy that keeps bringing up Johnnys buck. It was shot in 06 and has been declared a 6X5 at 180 and for that reason it can’t be panel scored those are the rules and have been the rules for 80 years and they aren’t going to change them for Jay Fish. Look at the point in question its clearly a split off the G-2 anyone thats ever scored a rack can see that and i’ve scored horns for 25 years. There is NO Veining coming off the main beam. There is a pair of sheds that have disappeared from this buck NO PICS EXIST because they are from the year before it was shot and are 5X5 which is proof that this deer is a 5X5 that split both its G-2s the year Johnny shot it. Jay has shopped this rack all over the country for 5 years and that is score shopping and not allowed No B&C scorer will touch so the $ 35,000.00 grand Jay paid was about $ 20,000.00 more than its worth. The King buck is dead and buried and Milos STILL THE KING and will be for 50 more years

  2. Jon

    The ONLY thing B&C has going is its FAIR CHASE rules. (As well as P&Y and all the other "record" keepers). I feel the Gross score should be the score to recognize and dump the NET score. These groups have done good at creating competition amongst we antlered pursuing hunters. King buck is a good deer and has its spot in the hunting community w/out even being a World Record!

  3. Sam A

    "Monday, June 13, 2011 by buteo12:
    I have spoken to several scorers who insist there is a bias against any animal harvested in Wisconsin."

    That is interesting first time I have heard that comment made. It makes a lot of sense though. Has anyone seen the new Nebraska record buck? This deer was just recently accepted into B&C with a score of 202 and some change as a TYPICAL! Look at the G3 and G4 in the right side of the photo…B&C said this was NOT a shared base. What???? How is that typical and Johnny King’s buck isn’t????? Explanation please!!!!!! Photo of the Nebraska deer can be viewed here … http://tinyurl.com/3lsd5bd

  4. FranktheTank

    What about the fact that this deer was missing an antler at the time it was killed? If the guy in the stand across the field would have shot the antler off before King killed it would there even be a valid argument? The B and C & P and Y is founded on records of harvested live game and the ethics that go along with that harvest. You cant legitimately score shed antlers for the record book so why even think of letting a rack that has a "shed" antler be considered.The antler was damaged before the animal died! Beautiful deer, COULD have been a new record,but in my opinion shouldn’t be called as such. Maybe with the money that King got for the deer ( there is that ethics thing again) he could buy himself some shooting lessons.

  5. MarcoE

    The problem for B&C is to have a single person with that much say and power over an organization such as this. B&C is suppose to be gate keepers to record animals and not make dumb excuses and cover up potential errors from its members. It is B&C’s resposiblity to step up and say that a member may have made a misake. By simply allowing a panel to objectively review this animal this issue could have been adverted. The panel may have supported or denied Mr. Reneau’s position. But now the issue has been so corrupted and its more important for B&C too agree with the opinion of a single member than to admit a potential error.

    A simple lets allow this buck to be reviewed by a panel would have sufficently given this issue a proper evaluation. B&C will not give it a fair shake now. They are closing ranks and making excuses just like politicians. And just like in politicians sometimes its the arrogance thats worse than a simple aknowledgement of a mistake. Absolute power corupts absolutely !!! I say shame on B&C. Man up !!! God made this beautiful animal show it respect.
    SHAME ON B&C. As a lifetime hunter I now see you in a different light.

  6. buteo12

    I have spoken to several scorers who insist there is a bias against any animal harvested in Wisconsin. This is just another example.Wisconsin blows the rest of the country away in whitetails and black bears. Many scorers just can’t handle the reality. Even Jim Shockey thinks the largest black bears are from western Canada. Please look at the Band C and P and Y maps and statistics.wisconsin is tops and people are in denial, including B and C measurers..

  7. John Keel

    WOW, is all I can say at first. NOW, that I’m over the shock of reading about the stupidity of the b&c, I have a few choice words for them…
    I have shot several bucks and bulls with my bow that will qualify for the b&c and p&y. I decided long ago that I would never allow my bucks or bulls into b&c or p&y.
    Now about Mr Mitch Rompola. He was treated VERY WRONGLY by a lot of people, that knew nothing of his buck. I was in Colorado elk hunting the year after Mr Rompola shot his World Record Deer and I heard someone talking about how the Rompola buck was a fraud, . To make a long story short I asked him a few questions and he shut up.(I don’t know about you, BUT to me, the Rompola buck IS, THE WORLD RECORD, NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS) DEER AND DEER HUNTING reported several times on it and the buck was held by a lot of HONEST people. They all said it was legit. (I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU, BUT THAT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME) They have intergrity, not b&c. I would have done the very same thing that Mr Rompola did, and not let anyone touch his deer. He doesn’t do it for the recognition He kept it quiet. I would too. The very next year, he shot a 180 typical. He has more deer that score over 170 with his bow than any person alive.
    b&c will not receive any support from me and what I have been reading, had better make some drastic changes fast. If I did shoot the world record, b&c would NEVER EVEN HEAR ABOUT IT.
    Here’s how I see it, the Rompola buck is the world record then #2 would be the King buck and #3 the Hanson buck. I’m waiting for the day when another buck that is a clean 5×5 breaks the world record.
    Someone needs to develope another scoring system that scores a deer fairly and gives a true value for the rack grown. Hurry up, I’m waiting to put about 30 deer and 10 huge bulls in your book!!!
    GO A WAY B&C

  8. deerslayerdave

    I think that the hunting magazines have given life to a controversy that should not exist and unfairly demonized the B&C club and its officials. Even Gordon Whittington said the first time he saw this buck, in person, he figured the point was not typical. Now, who’s changing their tune. Even from the picture above, it is clear that the point is not typical. Yet, I say let the buck be panel scored. But, if it is judged to be typical, get ready for more bucks to come out of the woodwork.

  9. Mitch

    The buck and rack were amazing its to bad B&C cant get their story straight and give the hunter his due for taking such an animal. I’ve taken over 50 big bucks (none quite that big) in MN and I would be leary of getting one scoured after reading this article.

  10. aggey

    I’ve got to concur with B&C on this, based on the photos in their article. In my opinion, the so-called typical "G3" everyone is wringing their hands over does indeed appear to come off the base of the "G2" and is therefore simply a very typical non-typical point. Those who believe there is a B&C conspiracy here or that efforts are being made to cover up for a scoring mistake that Jack Reneau originally made are questioning the ingreity of a club whose scoring system has been in place for years and remains the benchmark and standard repository for thousands and thousands of North American trophies. There are lots of differences of opinion but sour grapes here for Johnny King is nothing more than that…sour grapes.

  11. deerslayerdave

    I don’t know Jack Reneau or anybody at B&C, but I think hunting magazines have given life to this controversy and should admit an error in judgment. Even Gordon Whittington said that when he first saw the rack, in person, that he figured it would be a non-typical point. Even the picture above shows clearly this is not a typical point. Nevertheless, let him be officially panel scored and end this conversation, but if scored as a typical get ready for a bunch more to come out of obscurity.

  12. Homer

    How many here have read the "LATEST" B&C stance????….read it and educate yourself


  13. Dan Weber

    Should there be an investigation between Reneau and Milo Hanson – is there some connection ?

  14. Wbowhunt

    It is too late for BC now. Reneau made a mistake in not having this Buck panel scored and then providing his OPINION on the rules and how it is measured. At this point there will never be a fair and unbiased panel that could score this deer. BC needs to review thier rules and consider a policy where ANY buck who’s score is withing a certain percentage of a new No. 1 Buck (Typical or Non) should immediately be scheduled for Panel Scoring without the original score or opinion on the original scorer provided. The fact that Reneau scored this buck announced his opinion and denied a Panel score just goes to show that the organization has given to much power to one individual and this is the result. It is a sad day for those who truly believe in the Moral and Ethical values of hunting when an organization such as BC comes to this.

  15. Ed Hunt

    This is a problem that is very big and beginging to run in wider circles than just world classbucks . It would seem opinions and personal feeling and yes even jelousy is causeing more than its share of improporly scored bucks accross the country at shows an by unsavory supposed profesionals at all levels of the these clubs . And we must remeber that is all these are are in most instance silly little clubs of hunters who worship antlers.
    Most of hese people who score for the clubs stand to either loose a few positions or someone they know will fall down the big buck rolls if there is a top notch buck taken anywhere. And lets not forget the financial end to this saga. As new top record book bucks bring in many dollars for the owners at deer shows and the like . dont forget the court case over the Rompala buck that was all about the all mighty dollar in the end . That same deer/owner still sets on the top spot does he not !!
    lets not forget that the man scoreing this buck is a small time politician in a very very small private club that continues to loose its relivance too most deer hunters in this country at a fevered pitched pace . Also he has shown himself with every twist to be very much out of touch with reality and the stories he /they release just keep contradicting the previous one . In my part of the world that is called crawfishing !!
    The days of stuffy old men behind closed doors setting the hunting rules , picking whos bucks are world class trophies ,and pushing thier version of hunting ethics that effect every hunter is dying rapidly.
    We as hunters have become educated in most if not all respects of hunting, and desire to be in charge of our own hunting future,have direct say in the rules that govern our hunts and desire to manage the animals we hunt.And rightly so B&C or clubs like it are not the end all say all of hunting or deer hunting and nor should they be .
    The wepons ,hunting methods,advanced nature of equipment, and the vast numbers of the animals we now hunt compaired to that of the B&C founders times ,as well as the much artificially inhanced/managed version of the animals "Buck DEER in this case" that came before them in the books make the books irrelivant in most areas and are nothing more than history books at best.

    MR . Renue do yourself , and the deer hunting world a favor just stop making stupid contradicting statments to save your credibility because you have lost any you ever had .
    STEP DOWN and just go away and maybe B&C can rgain a small portion of its former glory but I doubt it!

  16. CDK

    When reading how "ONE" man tries to rule to his "OWN" ideals, when supposedly representing a group of ppl. as a whole. I wonder if Reneau is related to the WI. Gov.

  17. brian fike

    i am no scorer nor have i ever held a rack of that size. i just wanted to commend D&DH on the very through covering of this story and keeping what seems to be very current on this. you all are like a news channel for the whitetail hunter and i LOVE it. this is why your magazine is the top magazine by far!!! well done all involved!!!

  18. Dustin Lacey

    WATER DISPLACEMENT!!!!!! Plain and simple! No width measure, and absolutly no deductions for natural growth that leads to overall size!

  19. Brian Johnson

    I think that Renue needs to man up, and tell the truth. He screwed up and needs to have it scored in public.

  20. Vern Hansen

    This is a great buck. No doubt it should be scored as a typical.When a buck is a true non-typical there is no doubt in it what so ever.No controversey..On the other hand the shooter doesnt even own the rack. So if it wasnt important enough to the actual shooter. Who cares either way.If I shot that buck,it would be buried with me.A sad situation for a true American giant.

  21. Dusty Feldmann

    This whole situation is appalling, in my opinion. What is so obvious, is that Reneau clearly made a mistake and is not man enough to admit it. I am no scoring expert by any means, but am a veteran bowhunter. Don’t you think that a buck of this magnitute, with a controversy over perhaps only centimeters, that B&C would allow this deer it’s fair shake by a panel of some of the best scorers in the world? Well you would think so. I have defended B&C on several occasions in the past when I have heard people say they are through with their scoring system, and either use Buckmasters scoring system, or refuse to put official tape on the antlers. I am embarrassed that I once called myself a B&C supporter. The only way I will ever again consider B&C as a reputable organization, is if they immediately relieve Jack Reneau of his duties and offer a formal apolgy to Johnny King and have the deer panel scored without Reneau’s presence or opinion. Then, offer a formal apolgy to the ever so populated "Whitetail Nation", for B&C’s childish and unethical actions surrounding this deer. Until then, they are a respectable organization no more than the likes of Enron… With that said, kudos to D&DH for their break on this story. They ARE a respectable and admirable organization, and I will continue to support their publications. Without question they are the most informative authority on whitetails, in publication today.

  22. JOHN L

    Is it just that everyone wants a new world record because the old one has stood to long. Poor old Milo must be just sitting back chewing off his finger nails eh! He hasn’t had this much air time in a long time. Is it a great buck? No doubt about it. Is it a world record? Not according to the people we trust to tell us. I have only seen the rack in photos but if you look at the G3 it is definatley off set. If this is the criteria that is used to score the buck as non-typical then it is non-typical. Still lets let this poor buck rest in piece either as the new record or just a hell of a buck. panel score it and get it over with. I can’t afford all the timeIi spend reading about it when I should be cutting the grass…….

  23. G.W.

    All of this controversy over the King buck may have alot to do with why Rompola wouldn’t let B.C. score his buck, something to think about. Just sayin.

  24. Frank Peterson

    Its seems to me that that the King Buck is long over do for a promotion, And that an investigation should be conducted to the scorer, And if need be to get rid of the one who is in charge

  25. Bradley

    Growing up in a house where integrity means everything it is so sad to see scum dirty organizations and drag down others including them in their dirty work. This is obviously the case and so sad to see because the whole BC club will probably go under for this because they’ve shown the public they can’t score any buck without bias and dishonesty. It makes me wonder how many other cases like this there have been, maybe not as large scale like for the title but never brought to light. How can an organization that is supposed to be the authority on what a deer will score and what records will be held even make these decisions when they are not honest enough to do it right? They are supposed to be the authority, unbiased, and trustworthy. When they say what a buck scores their word is supposed to be everything here. They’ve ruined the whole program by not sticking to these fundamentals. Even if they were to some day panel score this buck it will never be an unbiased opinion because the nice animal has had way too much spotlight for this and opinions have already been formed. Even the pressure of Renue and keeping the "reputation" of BC will ruin the panel scoring. Once upon a time this "club" was set up by honest people honestly wanting to see what quality of animals there were out there. Now a few men drug the whole thing through the dirt and their scores and opinions now don’t mean a thing to the public!! Even if they score this buck a typical no one will trust them on the value given or if it’s a non typical no one will give credit to that decision no matter how much they’ve tried to be "honest" in their decision. It looks like BC will go under and they should because of the situation they crapped themselves into. I sure hope that what needs to be done can happen and that a better organization will be set up with more thought put into the scoring rules.

  26. Terry Stokes jr

    One mans ego needs to gst over he was wrong and stop trying to bull shit the people,Jack Reneau needs to get over his shelf and just say it (I Was Wrong on this one ) it happens this is making the B&C look like a bunch of @#@-#$@% MR Ego Get over your shelf !!!!!!!!

  27. jason

    Shame on you JackReneau! Jack is running the B&C train right off a cliff because he cannot admit he is wrong and it is taking B&C down. Boycott B&C and withdraw all your entries in the book!

  28. Ted

    At this point, I’ve got to believe it’s gone beyond Jack Renau. If they don’t do nothing about it it’s on BC as whole. They all must now about it by now.

  29. Bill

    What a shame. B&C better change its stance on this buck before it’s too late. Jack Reneau is single handily going to wreck B&C’s legacy forever.

  30. Ted

    It’s a shame what one mans ego and arrogance can do to an organization. Single handed he is going to destroy all that was good about B & C just because he cannot swallow his damn pride and let this rack be panel scored !! This rack is the very reason why B&C requires a panel scoreing on any rack that will possibly land in the top 10 of any catagory if I remember correctly. God forbid Mr. Renau some of your peers might disagree with you and accept the King deer as a typical when you think otherwise !!! I honestly believe there is a bigger reason as to why Renau doesn’t want this deer to be number one. Mitch Rompola could then claim to have the New World Record again and there’s nothing poor Milo Hanson and B&C could do about it. I for one will never again buy anything from B&C and I’m removing myself from there mailing list ASAP !! There system is flawed anyway. How you can give any animal credit for air between the antlers is completed BS in my opinion !! Congratulations Mr. King on a once in a lifetime deer no matter what Mr. Ego himself thinks !!! TM

  31. stan shaw

    Jack Reneanu needs to be replace to keep B&C its name. They have been scoring antlers for years and one guy is leaving a stink for the whole club.

  32. TERRY

    Just goes to show what someone in a supposed "position" will do to the common man…I am not of any "importance" but to myself…at least I have honesty and integrity. Admit it if you are wrong. Grats to the hunter of this fine animal.

  33. BuzGuy

    Great reading – – Nobody should be in a position of absolute power over a decision so important to so many. Yes, the dummy painted himself into a corner and its time to step down. I’ll be the first one to donate toward a legal defense of this buck!
    Just let me know.

  34. Jesse

    I guess if you shoot a buck that is that big you should demand a panel scoring before you let anybody put a tape on it!

  35. BuzGuy

    Nobody should be in a position of absolute power over a decision so important to so many. I’ll be the first one to donate toward a legal defense of this buck!
    Just let me know.

  36. Jason

    I am sorry but who really cares you have the rack, the memory, the story. If anything the controversy only adds to it, which maybe why they are pressing the issue. I hunt for myself, the enjoyment of nature, the thrill of the chase, not what will it score. After all it is a blessing from God anyhow.

  37. Stan

    B&C stepped on their wee wee and now they are back peddling. As sportsman if we keep the pressure on B&C eventually they will do the right thing. Too bad Mr. Renau will not speak up himself and let this be panel scored. Too bad he cannot let this be about the sport instead of being about him. He needs to step aside in this issue, withdraw his scoring and let the scoring start over again. I have not held this rack and likely never will, but I have seen a rack or two and this is a ‘typcial’ rack.

  38. Robert Marshall

    Russell, you may not be able to image our justice system being run this way but to tell you the truth it is. The problem is that we as a country in general has become corrupted and have lost our way. We need to get back to our roots and stand our ground on the principles of fairness and honesty. Congrates to the hunter of the magnificiant deer. Don’t back down and fight for your right to have this panel scored. I have never had the opportunity to see much less harvest such a fine animal and you and the animal deserve the the benefit of an unbias scoring. Good luck and thanks D&DH for keeping this out in the limelight.

  39. KBWood

    This whole deal show that my experience with B&C 30 years was not an abnormal incident. The pompous, self serving attitudes I encountered are very much alive in Jack Reneau and the board. These dim wits don’t seem to see the damage they are inflicting on hunting. I think the time has come for the B&C to go away.

  40. Gale

    WOW mutiny on bounty! Listen up Jack Reneau your public is speaking. Tough job to have if your doing wrong.

  41. Sterling Proffitt

    I made a comment on May 20, 2011, and with this latest news B&C has done nothing to change my mind. Sadly, it appears that Mr. Reneau has allowed ego and politics to stop him from adhering to the following credo,"God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change – Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference." This controversy easily and logically could be solved by having a bona fide unbiased panel to score this buck. My estimation and admiration of B&C continues to wane.

  42. deadeye

    I have taken a lot of deer in my lifetime and I am sure they are records and this is why the BC will never touch a deer of mine!

  43. GaLarry


  44. Russell Clusman

    Accolades to Deer and Deer Hunting and to all the certified experts who have held this rack in their hands and voiced their opinions,based on their expertise, regarding the scoring of this magnificent whitetail. Don’t let the debate die until this animal and hunter are given their day in court, so to speak, to be scored by an impartial panel of B&C judges. It seems and is the right thing to do, period! The whole issue offends any sense of fairness. I could not imagine our justice system running this way.

  45. vance

    It’s amazing how one man can have that much power and arrogance… let a panel decide if your so sure its abnormal it will be deemed so and case closed… makes me wonder about the rompola buck from a few years back..no wonder he didn’t want it scored!

  46. Bob

    The only fair way to score a deer like this is by panel. Why B&C didn’t require a panel score in the first place is beyond me. There are just too many opportunities for variation from one scorer to another to rely on just one person’s score.

  47. Randy

    would this open up the Rompola story if this was the new world record buck. If memory serves me rite then Mitch could bring his deer out of the closet. This would really get BC in a hot spot. maybe thats why Jack has stood his ground on this deer. Also that it was repaired . just a thought.

  48. mike nevius

    I think reneau made a mistake and isn’t man enough to say so. He should step down. B&c should just panel score it to put this whole thing to bed, but the damage is done I’ve lost a lot of respect for them and it sounds like I’m not alone

  49. Mark

    Forget B & C! The system that should be employed is that of submerging a rack in water. Measure the displacement. There’s your score. No measuring "air". This system takes into account every part of the total mass of a rack. Then you don’t need officials to tape, debate, and mutilate a person’s rack.

  50. Doug

    B&C needs to submit to the panel. It will solve the issue once and for all. Until it happens B&C looks dysfunctional and stands to loose a lot of support. Just let the panel judge the dang rack.

  51. Marshall Eppley

    I am with Dave,and have e-mailed b&c my feelings on the king buck and i feel there is something going on in their organization.it’s a shame they can not step up and be men about the whole deal and let one man ruin the ethics of the whole group by simply not following due process in the scoring of this fantastic buck. being a hunter myself i would never respect B&C FOR ANYTHING THEY STAND FOR OR SUPPORT.

  52. Tanner

    I don’t know much about scoring, but I just read the article at B&C and what they’re saying makes alot sense, and it doesn’t look like a regular point. It’s an opinion, and everyone has one, but I do agree it should be given an opportunity to be panel scored by the "pros".

  53. Rick Tarnowski

    I’ve been scoring Deer for M.B.G.H.A. in Michigan for 25 years. I am Scoring Chairman for our club and measured over 200 Deer. When I first seen the photo of this Deer and saw the G-2 and G-3 tine’s outer edge come down to the main beam, I new it was a typical rack! A couple of people in B&C are playing GOD and should be removed from the Panel!

  54. Jim G

    I only know the basics of scoring antlers. So forgive my ignorance. It just seems to be a shame that a guy shoots a possible world record and he has to go through a lot of heart ache because the panel can’t agree. If there is a way to take an individuals interpretation out of the equation and make the scoring clear cut. It would be a lot more fair. It seems like a ref in football that has been paid off!

  55. Dan Seiler

    I agree with Mr. Hendricks .I get the e-mails from B & C on there latest products , books , etc . im going to cancel my name off of there mailing list . D . Seiler

  56. Scott Worth

    I am by no means an expert on the B & C scoring rules, but when I look at the picture provided I agree with the "Official" B&C stance. That point does come off the base of the G2 in my opinion. I say for the Hunter to heck with it. No matter it is still on fantastic Buck and I wish i could have a shot at a Buck like that…..

  57. Brian

    I thought the spirit of the B & C was to properly score and give credit to the animal and the person that harvested it for what it is? From what I’ve read in D&D and elsewhere, this is more political than anything and it’s a shame. It does a dis-service to the ideals of the B & C and to us hunters in general. My opinion there’s a new record book Typical Buck there. Give credit where crediit is due and stop with this protection of one’s pride. "the king is dead! All hail the King Buck!"

  58. Tom

    It sounds to me as if B&C tried circling its wagons but failed to check to see if the wheels were tightened first! Now it appears as though the whole thing is on fire. Why — if they are so sure that this is not a typical — won’t they panel score it? Something doesn’t smell right with this whole deal. Thanks for your coverage on this issue.

  59. JK Hendricks

    If I am ever lucky enough to shoot a buck of that stature, under NO circumstance will I submit it to B&C, as they have handled this like teenagers and have embarrassed themselves and the organization they represent. Kudos to D&DH for excellent journalism and bringing us this story.

  60. Randy

    It’s good to see so many people coming out to defend the buck. The only BC backer seems to be Jackie Reneau himself.

  61. Bill Wheeler

    I said it in a previous post, theres no way this buck will ever be certified as the record as long as Reneau is in charge of the program. This article ensured that. There is now no way for him to go back on his statements at this point. He’s painted himself into a corner. This buck will never get a fair shake.

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