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B&C Won’t Panel-Score King Buck

The Johnny King BuckThe Boone and Crockett Club issued an official statement on the Johnny King Buck controversy late Wednesday, stating that it will not panel-score the potential World Record typical whitetail.

In its official statement, B&C hinted that Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Duncan Dobie provided misinformation in his article. D&DH stands by Dobie’s reporting and attributions. Dobie, who is the former editor of North American Whitetail Magazine and has more than 25 years of professional journalism experience, has followed the King Buck story for more than two years. In doing so, he conducted hours of interviews and follow-up interviews with countless individuals on both sides of this issue, including many B&C and Wisconsin Buck & Bear Club representatives.

22 thoughts on “B&C Won’t Panel-Score King Buck

  1. Jason

    Dan: Thanks for the reply to my earlier comment. However, having a cover story with the tag-line "World Record Cover-Up" doesn’t seem to be supportive of B&C in any way. Instead, it seems divisive and more suited to tabloids. An article openly presenting differing views on the buck and talking about "what could have been" would have been much more appropriate. Not one that infers a cover-up or other conspiracy theories. The hunting community is too small to create further divisions within the ranks.

  2. Jay

    Vern you are so wrong! A very high number of the very big deer have been sold for many different reasons. How is the owner going to get the credit? It still has Johnny Kings name to it. I suggest you know an issue before you comment on it, it would make you look a little better. The hunter asked me to do this. If it would have been handled correctly in the first place he would still own the antlers.

  3. jay

    What statement that is. About 70% of the trophy class deer have been sold, so scrap them all? Endorsments not one yet! The antlers still have the hunters name its the Johnny King buck not the Jay Fish buck.

  4. Vern Hansen

    Just on more quick comment..Folks who is this deer goig to benefit anyway. If it was to be the new world record.The person that purchased the head would get the credit.Get the endorsment ect. I find it trouble some that a person would sell such a trophy.
    I say scrap the story and the deer if the rightful hunter doesnt care enough about the deer to keep it. Why is the deer hunting world wssting time so the owner can benefit, not the hunter.Its got to much press all ready.Now if the hunter himself was pressing the issue Id be behind him 100% Now to me its a set of antlers that should be nailed to a shed in Wisconsin…A true shame.

  5. Will

    Good idea Marshall. Let’s keep the pressure on! The story has a link to B&C’s e-mail addresses. Don’t let them think this is going away!

  6. Marshall Eppley

    When i read your story on the king buck i sent an e-mail to b&c.I think they should be discredit and shun d by the hunters of America for not following due process Just because they are not men enough to admit a mistake has been made.I for one will never put any faith in any animal they score if they let this fall through the cracks of political BS.

  7. Patrick Hendron

    Worthwhile organizations over time often become aristocratic with self perceived importance. If need be create a challenge to their dominance or live with the hypocrisy. Personally the organization is irrelevant, my hunting is not dependent upon their approval.

  8. kevin

    This buck is a great deer and deserves to be panel scored no matter what the ruling of the G2’s and G3’s is. That would at least give it a fair chance. That’s all the whitetail world is asking for. The fate of this monster buck should not be decided by one man as it has been.

  9. Patrick Hendron

    Worthwhile organizations over time often become aristocratic with self perceived importance. If need be create a challenge to their dominance or live with the hypocrisy. Personally the organization is irrelevant, my hunting is not dependent upon their approval.

  10. Vern Hansen

    I feel the buck should have been scored in an open public forum as well. A panel of Judges, not one person should certainly have the say so. The deer rack without a doubt is typical. I feel Ray Charles could see that….
    However, personaly I dont feel it should be able to be entered as a record book anything since the antler was shot off and reattached.Im not being bias because of the Hansen buck either. I say impeach Reneau before I get lucky enough to harvest a potntial record…Is there something to hide,another Mitch Rampola story???/

  11. Dan Schmidt

    Jason: D&DH does not have a "position against B&C." As stated in my earlier blog post, we have always supported B&C. They are, after all, one of North America’s top conservation organizations. Individuals might disagree with the group’s record-keepers on this issue, as reported.

  12. jay

    This is why we are at this point. I called Jack over a year ago. First conversation he said he made the call by himself. The second conversation he said he left the room and other guys made the call. Another one of the guys listed said he only ruled that it could be scored and had nothing to do with the ruling on the tine. Jason you are so wrong, common base points are typical points. No grey area at all or wanting rules to be changed. B&C has a typical category and by their rules it is a typical. If they want the perfect deer start a perfect category, Oh it beats the current WR in the perfect system also.

  13. Jason

    I’ve been an avid D&DH reader for some time, but I can’t disagree more with their position against B&C on this issue. Even a quick glance at a picture of the rack by someone with a general knowledge of B&C rules can see that this buck has "common base" issues with its G2’s and 3’s on both sides (but most obvious on the right antler). I could immediately see where the problem was before I even dove into the article. Attempting to find enough people to explain it away or make a technical case that there isn’t a problem doesn’t change the fact that there’s a non-typical anomoly which is readily visually apparent. Neither the Hansen or Jordan bucks have any such controversial issues. The next world record shouldn’t require judgement calls. A clean typical wouldn’t have any. A great buck, but not the next #1. B&C made the right call here.

  14. jay

    Ted your correct that is B&C’s M.O. They have done it to deer in the past. Not following rules then running away and let it die off, not this time.

  15. Mr. m

    Sounds like it has already had its fair shake, if this Jack, Glen, and Kevin all looked at it and agreed that the G3 is abnormal then there is nothing more to argue about. It is what it is. The King buck is a great buck, sounds like it was shot by a good guy.

  16. Ted

    So their basically just going to ride it out and hope this goes away. Hunters need to show Mr. Renee that he is not above us. We need to get a letter-writing campaign started that targets all of B&C’s major donors. We’re not asking for the buck to be appointed No. 1 just that it gets a fair chance at it.

  17. Don S

    If Reneau is so confident he’s right how about this, panel score the buck with him on the panel, plus one or two of the B&C scorers who think it’s typical. Let him convince them why it’s not a typical point.

  18. Jason Bleachers

    All the proof I need!!
    Did you see the buck in their 2000 article. If that’s an example of why the King buck isn’t a record, then it’s the No. 1 all the way!!

  19. Lee

    I’d title the follow-up article:
    World Record Buck vs World Record Ego
    Reneau has clearly made the decision FOR B&C and has personally prevented the animal from being paneled scored. Given the discordant views of other notable scorers for B&C and other record book scoring systems, the antlers should be panel scored; Reneau should recuse himself from the scoring. Reneau seems more interested in maintaining his power over the B&C and WBBC than a heads up, open re-evaluation of the antlers. The scoring of any antler large enough to challenge a world record should be done under video taped, open public forum with complete recording of the various judges opinions, so that all the controversy and opinions are known before a final score is provided. There is the tale of the tape and tell of tellers.

  20. jon

    Let this be a lesson to any young hunters out there,if you believe all of this hoopla is worth it than go for it…for the few like me that have no desire to Ever get a deer scored,this is only a part of the reason…the other part is i could care less about the club..the name in the book…and the status….i would have been more interested in the entire events that day…everything leading up to the time of placing your hands on that animal…when you breeze over all of that and constantly scrutinize the ”rack” and scores and inches ,it diminishes the accomplishment ..in my opinion…I know it’s not ”popular” opinion ,but tell me something isn’t lost here when everyone focuses on nothing but whats on the bucks head…really now?

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