Beaver (yes, a beaver) Steals Deer Hunter’s Rifle

Nathan Baron admits that strange things happen to him, but having a beaver slink away with his deer hunting rifle may top the list of “you won’t believe this” situations he’s encountered.

Beaver John Holyoke in the Bangor Daily News has the crazy tale of the Maine hunter who was enjoying nature when nature called. Hey, that happens. When nature calls, you gotta answer.

But what happened next to Baron is flat-out crazy.

He propped his rifle against a tree and zipped home, just across the road, to take care of business. When he got back, Baron discovered his rifle was gone. He began looking around and then stood on his hunting chair for a better view.

“There was a stream that was running about 100 feet away from me. I look, and there’s a beaver hauling that gun into the water,” he said.

Crazy beaver! Read the rest of the story here in the Bangor Daily News.