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Best Arrows Result in Great Archery Accuracy


deer hunting with bow and arrow

The best arrows for hunting are ones that are properly spined for your bow. (photo by Dan Schmidt)

If you want to shoot groups like this (photo), you obviously need to have a properly tuned bow that you’ve spent some time with on the range. This incredible group was packed in at 60 yards by my buddy Cory just the other day. He’s not an ordinary shooter — not by a longshot — but you don’t need to be a pro to achieve similar results.

The first step is taking your bow to a local pro shop and getting it tuned up for the season. An archery technician can make small tweaks to improve your bow, no matter how good you thing you have it running. Also, they can give you some valuable advice on accessories to add or subtract from your rig.

The next step is to match your arrows to your rig. For many years, I hunted with discount arrow shafts. The cheaper they were, the better they were in my eyes. I was only thinking of “price per deer” in those days. If I could get my hands on a dozen arrows for less than $40, I thought it was the steal of the year. It’s no wonder why I never took a shot at a whitetail beyond 25 yards back in those days. The reason was actually quite simple: That was the far end of my effective range. Of course, that was many moons ago.

My archery accuracy took a giant leap forward when I switched to shooting quality arrow shafts, like those made from Carbon Express. I’ve shot many different styles (feathers, vanes, short vanes/long ones), and I’ve come to the conclusion that price definitely relates to quality. This year I will again be shooting the Maxima Hunter KV shafts from Carbon Express. I’ve found these arrows shoot incredibly consistent groups out of my Mathews Heli-M. Another tip that has helped is that I’ve lowered my poundage drastically this year because of my injured right shoulder. I will be shooting just 54 pounds this year, which means I will be taking my shafts down to the 250 size. The spine is critically important to the consistency.

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