The Best Reloading Tips You Need to Know About Your Ammunition

As the all-time high interest in reloading continues, Gun Digest has teamed up with handloading expert Phillip P. Massaro to publish the new Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Reloading.

Click the cover to learn more ...

Click the cover to learn more …

For shooters who are new to reloading and want to take advantage of reloading’s many benefits – cost savings, improved accuracy and combating future ammunition shortages, to name a few – this book is an ideal starting point. The book is available now at and at major and specialty booksellers.

“This book is a how-to manual, in that, when you are done reading it, you will know the basic principles and proper methods of loading a centerfire pistol or rifle cartridge,” Massaro said. “I also hope that it inspires the reader to further probe into the endless possibilities, when it comes to choosing a combination of bullet and powder that will make you proud and confident in your choice of firearm.”

An avid hunter from his youth, Phillip Massaro has always been interested in the various calibers, bullets and powders. Hunting big and small game in six different states, Canada and three African countries has given him the opportunity to field test the ammunition he produced, and helped to hone his skills and experience trouble-shooting unexpected tribulations. As the President of Massaro Ballistic Laboratories, LLC, Massaro has more than 20 years of reloading experience.

Massaro’s new book gives shooters all the tools they need to learn and excel in the process of creating their own cartridges for recreational shooting, competition or hunting. After opening with an overview of the benefits of reloading practices, Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Reloading employs illustrations and step-by-step instructions to educate readers throughout each chapter. The book recommends tools necessary to properly reload metallic cartridges for pistols and rifles.

Massaro also explains the variations in bullet and powder types, and how they affect ballistics, encouraging readers to take advantage of the endless combinations available. Plus, to ensure that readers walk away with everything they need to successfully reload every time, Massaro includes a chapter on “Specialty Situations” in which he anticipates common reloading mistakes and issues and offers practical solutions.

Look for the print or e-book version of Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to Reloading at, Barnes & Noble and other major and specialty booksellers.