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Best Trail Camera Photos Come From Up High

Big buck in velvet

Want to get the most out of your efforts? Try mounting your scouting camera two or three times higher than you normally would; you will not only get better images, you will alert fewer deer to your presence.

I learned this trick from Deer & Deer Hunting field editor Les Davenport. He told me to strap my cameras 5, 6, even 7 feet off the ground and point them down toward the trail or spot where I expect deer to show up. The tactic has worked. In the past, I’d get one or two photos of a particular buck before he would wise up to the camera’s location and avoid it altogether. As you can see from this photo, the buck is none the wiser that there’s a camera shooting down on him.

When placing cameras up high, I use a stick or piece of bark and wedge it behind the the camera (at the top) before cinching the strap to the tree. This allows the sensor to point down toward a specific spot. 

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