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Best Tree Stand Spots Are Found, Not Made

 The best tree stand sites take time to find.

Want to stop playing hopscotch during hunting season and start bagging more deer? Then stop hanging your tree stands based solely on features you see on your topo map … or in areas that "look good" during your first walk through the woods.

Simply put, hanging stands based soley off of topo features doesn’t work. At least it doesn’t for me. Deer are North America’s greatest game animal because they’re so adaptable. We kid ourselves when we walk into the woods and place stands based on areas that merely look good on a map. This approach might get you in the ballpark, but it seldom pinpoints true deer hotspots. For consistent success, especially in the late season, you need to know where the bedding areas are and what foods deer are keying on. These can change from week to week and season to season.

A final note: Don’t worry if deer aren’t bedding on the property you are hunting. Your property might be a travel corridor from a neighbor’s pine plantation to the nearby farmer’s picked crop field. You’ll put yourself in position for a shot by knowing the exact deer trails the deer use to get from Point A to Point B. To get the drop on a trophy buck or that big doe for the freezer, hang your tree stands accordingly.

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