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Bidders Take Aim at Iowa Deer Tag

eBay Auction for Iowa Deer Tag

How much would you pay for a guaranteed deer license in Iowa in 2011 or 2012? As much as these guys? This link was forwarded to me today by a friend who has hunted trophy bucks in the Hawkeye State many times. Even he was amazed.

According to the listing, the guaranteed license is good for one buck and one doe during the season of the winning bidder’s choice (this year or next year). It is also good for any one season (bow, gun) of the winner’s choice. The promotion is being held by the Iowa DNR in conjunction with the National Wild Turkey Federation.

I’m sure many will criticize the DNR, NWTF and the winning bidder over this as a super-indulgence for the rich. I can certainly see that point. However, I also can see this as a refreshing reminder that many people still view free-ranging whitetail hunting as something that’s almost sacred … something that they will pay a pretty penny to participate in, especially when the hunt is in a state that produces some of the biggest deer in North America.

Interesting side note: This auction appears to be for a license only. There is no mention of any connection with deer hunting outfitters, private land or special accommodations. Translation: Whoever wins is going to have to find a place to hunt.

What are your thoughts? Should state game departments sell lottery licenses in this fashion?

One thought on “Bidders Take Aim at Iowa Deer Tag

  1. Rob

    It is really not any different than the "Governor’s Tags" that many states offer as an effort to increase revenue and funding for state DNR/FWP/GFP offices. Montana auctions off a Big Horn Sheep tag every year at the national Wild Sheep Foundation banquet, last year I think it brought in over $250,000!

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