14 thoughts on “Big 8

  1. Bow Hunter

    My guess,

    Main beams: Both 25"
    G1: L-3", R-4"
    G2: Both 13"
    G3: L-8" R-10"
    C1: Both 4.5"
    C2: Both 3.5"
    C3: Both 2.5"
    C4: Both 1.5"
    Spread Credit 15"

    Total: 25+25+3+4+13+13+8+10+4.5+4.5+3.5+3.5+2.5+2.5+1.5+1.5=140

    After deductions I would guess this deer would score in the mid 130’s

  2. Leon

    I am no scoring pro just giveing my opinion. Picture don’t help it looks like he has good main beam length because his ends look like they hook upward and he is tall. He is not really wide though and his left side brow looks short but it could just be the pic angle. I would guess him at 135. My guess he is not in his prime yet I would guess him 4.5 years. But he is a great 8 Point and I don’t know your situation or Hunting opoutunitys and if you get the oppoutunity and harvest this deer you will have a nice trophy. I don’t discredit anothers hunters decision to harvest a Deer as long as it is legally taken in fair chase. A trophy is in the eye off the beholder. People hunt for different reasons and Meat is probabley the number one reason across north America. Good Luck and i hope you get a opportuinity at a Giant.

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