Bowhunters Set Record During Deer Hunt with Big Buck Harvest



Who said there aren’t as many deer as there used to be? If you’re a bowhunter, the Badger State is the place to be right now if you want some great action.

Wisconsin bow-and-arrow whitetail hunters shattered a state record in 2012, harvesting 45,775 bucks — the most antlered bucks ever taken in one season by archery hunters. The overall bowhunting harvest of 93,452 whitetails is the 6th best mark ever recorded in Wisconsin, which holds the distinction of having the longest running archery season in North America. Deer & Deer Hunting, which has tabulated state-by-state records since 1991, is the first organization to categorize state harvest figures.

Wisconsin’s previous best bowhunting seasons by sheer number of deer killed are:

2003: total bow harvest of 95,607 whitetails.

2004: total bow harvest of 103,571 whitetails.

2006: total bow harvest of 113,884 whitetails.

2007: total bow harvest of 116,010 whitetails.

2008: total bow harvest of 99,284 whitetails.

The state’s regular archery season, which ran from mid-September through the first week of January, attracts more than 250,000 annually.


The 2013 Deer Hunters’ Almanac keeps track of whitetail harvest information for each state and Canadian province.


To get harvest records in information for each state, be sure to check out the annual Deer Hunters’ Almanac.

“It was a great year for buck harvest, especially in the farmland areas,” Wallenfang told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “Wisconsin has always been known as a great producer of trophy bucks, but this year has likely secured Wisconsin’s standing in the record books. It will be a lot of fun to attend the deer hunting shows this spring to see just what was taken.”

For more on Wisconsin’s recently concluded deer seasons, check out Paul Smith’s article in today’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

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