Bowhunting Today on Deer Talk Now!

WATCH DEER TALK NOW! With archery season opening last weekend in south Florida and other seasons just months away, now’s the time to get going with bow hunting preparations if you haven’t done so already.

Getting ready for bow season yet? (DDH Photo: Alan Clemons)

Ron Cormier is today’s special guest on “Deer Talk Now,” airing at noon CST on He will join hosts Dan Schmidt and Brad Rucks for a live, 1-hour broadcast to discuss bows, arrows, pre-season shooting tips and more. Deer & Deer Hunting southern managing editor Alan Clemons also will be on the show to talk about hunting in south Florida and the buck he arrowed on opening day.

If you have any questions for Cormier, submit them on Twitter @DeerHuntingMag (hashtag #deertalk) or here: Anyone submitting a question will be included in a drawing for great prizes. All questions will be considered, but only a few will be selected for Cormier to answer.

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