Branson Approves Urban Archery Hunts

The Branson, Mo. Board of Aldermen voted Oct. 23 to permit bowhunting of deer inside the city limits beginning later this year.

The action was the final reading of a bill approving an amendment to Chapter 58 of the Branson Municipal Code pertaining to bowhunting within the City.

Bowhunting in Branson will be permitted with state licensing and required state safety training. Hunting will be allowed on parcels two acres or larger and not within 150 yards of any structure or property line, and only from an elevated treestand.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, Branson Police Chief Kent Crutcher and Brad Jump, Urban Wildlife Biologist from the Missouri Department of Conservation explained that Missouri communities that permit bowhunting place the responsibility for notification on the hunter or the landowner, rather than the city or municipality.

— The Archery Wire