Branson Considers Urban Archery Season for Problem Deer

Following the lead of other cities that have successfully used bowhunting to manage problematic deer populations, Branson, Mo., may allow archers inside the city limits beginning this autumn.

The Branson Board of Aldermen will hear the proposal at its Aug. 28 meeting.

Based upon accident data showing a sizeable increase in the number of vehicular accidents involving deer, Branson police chief Kurt Crutcher is recommending a regulated bowhunt inside the city limits, and the Branson Board of Aldermen will act on a specific proposal to that effect later this month.

Crutcher said in the last year at least 25 car crashes involving deer have occurred in Branson, a marked increase from previous years.

“When you start talking double digits, 20 or 30 accidents a year, you have to pay attention to that,” Crutcher told KYTV this week.

The chief said wooded areas of the city provide a safe haven for deer. In a plan being proposed by Crutcher, controlled hunts would be allowed inside the city limits during the regular Missouri archery-only season. Bowhunters would be required to have the appropriate permits and to undergo safety training.

The plan is similar to those used successfully in other cities, including nearby Springfield.