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Breaking News: Nugent Backs Romney

Deer & Deer Hunting contributor Ted Nugent

Rock star and hunting advocate Ted Nugent tells Deer & Deer Hunting that he is ready to support Mitt Romney in his presidential campaign. (photo courtesy of Ted Nugent)

by Daniel E. Schmidt, D&DH Editor

I just got off the phone with Ted Nugent a few minutes ago, and he told me some very interesting things that should get the attention of every deer hunter in the United States.

Nugent said he ready to throw his support behind presidential candidate Mitt Romney (R).

“I just got off the phone with him,” Nugent said. “And I told him, Mitt, I can’t endorse you unless you can promise that there will be no more insane gun restrictions … no more insane ammo restrictions … no more Second Amendment restrictions. I said you also have to vow to reign in the Gestapo-like raids being conducted by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and other game agencies on honest, law-abiding, workin’ hard, playin’ hard Americans.

“He told me, ‘Yes, I vow’ and I told him that I would then support him.”

A longtime Deer & Deer Hunting contributor, Nugent has talked, toured and blogged about his political convictions for decades. His commitment to charitable organizations and hunters’ rights has been unwavering.

In January, he was lauded by the outdoors industry for this work, while accepting an award at the 2012 Golden Moose Awards, presented by Outdoor Channel. Before leaving the stage, Nugent took another opportunity to galvanize the crowd.

β€œIt’s 2012,” he said. “May I beseech you. May I humbly request and prod that you as leaders of the best of humanity, turn up the heat so we can take this country back!”

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