Broken Femur From Ladder Stand Fall

Every year we hear stories about hunters falling from elevated stands along with reminders to be safe, wear fall restraint systems and exercise caution in the woods.

Some of these stories have tragic endings. Others involve hunters who survived but sustained severe injuries. Either situation usually is avoidable.

Check out this story from outdoor writer Bryan Brasher in the Memphis Commercial Appeal about a hunter who fell putting up a ladder stand. He survived, but admits he should have gotten some help erecting the stand.

“I was out there trying to attach a 14-foot ladder stand to a tree by myself, and I knew better than that,” said 47-year old Bob Thurman. “When you’re hanging a ladder stand, you always need two people — one up in the stand and one on the ground making sure it doesn’t fall. I didn’t follow that rule, and it almost killed me.”

This Pennsylvania hunter hung upside down for more than an hour after his tree stand broke and he became tangled in it. He was rescued after an EMT who lives nearby heard his cries for help.

Be careful and smart out there, y’all. Wear a safety harness when you’re climbing, get a buddy to help out, and be sure to have your phone with you so you can possibly call for help. We want everyone to enjoy being outdoors and return home safely.

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor