Buck Rescued from Lake Ontario

Recently a young buck was spotted swimming in Lake Ontario, 4 km from shore.
Salmon fishermen aboard a charter boat were able to tow the exhausted deer all the
way back to shore by lassoing its antlers and pulling it alongside the boat. The buck
apparently came from the Canadian side of the lake and was headed south toward the
American shore.


According to a report in thestar.com, fisherman John Ozolins and his friend had a
quite a time getting control of ambitious buck:

“‘We really had no choice but to help him. Anyone would have done it, I’d like to
think,’ Ozolin said. When they got there, they attempted to ‘corral’ the deer with
their boat and for half an hour got it to swim toward the shore.

Then the deer decided to turn around and swim the other way.

‘So we then made a noose, and decided to lasso him around his antlers,’ said Ozolins.
Then they slowly drove back into shore.

‘We were basically holding his head up with this noose, above water so it doesn’t
drown,’ said Ozolins.”

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  1. suppressed@unknown.org

    Wow – I saw something like this a year or two ago over on one of the Great Lakes…I am always amazed at how well a cloven hooved animal can swim.Posted by: Tom Sorenson

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