California FGC Chief Still in Anti’s Crosshairs

Politics and the influence of animal “rights” activists continue to stink up the joint in California, the latest being the start of the piecemeal stripping of power of Dan Richards, president of the state’s Fish and Game Commission.

California has protected mountain lions for decades. Apparently, the do-gooders who want to save every animal and plant in the world believe no one should participate in legal hunts elsewhere, as Richards did when he went on a mountain lion hunt in Idaho.

With all the financial turmoil in the state, which has some good things and good people here and there, this is the kind of thing its legislature wants to focus on? Seriously? Instead of working on something that matters – maybe trimming social programs to get your wacked-out budget in line? – they decide to go after a guy because he’s (a) an ‘evil’ Republican and (b) he had, gasp!, the teremity to go hunting somewhere else for an animal protected in the Golden State.

Boo hoo hoo. Legislators are walking toe in sandal with the anti-hunting crowd to get Richards out.

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