California Hunters, Officials Playing the Name Game

Back to the Golden State for more news about stuff they shouldn’t be worrying about, this time in the legislature with a proposed name change for the California Department of Fish and Game.

A bill has passed in the House to change the DFG’s name to “Department of Fish and Wildlife.” It has not been voted on in the Senate yet … and should, honestly, die without a vote. Why? Because California has bigger fish to fry than to worry about a wildlife agency’s name.

Some hunters and even a State Assemblyman are ticked off at the move they see as wasteful and a ploy to appease anti-hunters. The Record Searchlight in Redding (a very cool town near gorgeous Lake Shasta, by the way) reported the story.

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen said the name change would indicate the agency is getting out of management for hunters.

“It’s a very bad idea,” the Gerber Republican said in the report. “Its intent is to diminish hunting.”

Donn Walgamuth, an avid hunter from Redding, told the newspaper he thinks it’s about political correctness.

“My opinion is that they are doing it to appease the environmentalists who don’t like the word ‘game,’ ” Walgamuth said.

Check out the full story here.

What do you think? Does a name matter or should state wildlife agencies that get a lot or almost all of its money from hunters and anglers be focused mainly on them? Let us know your thoughts below!