Canadians Air-Dropping Rabies Vaccine

Approximately 280,000 wildlife baits containing a rabies vaccine will be distributed in southwestern Ontario next week, according to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

The MNR reports the bait drop program is one of the most successful wildlife rabies eradication programs in North America, and the vaccine will control the spread of rabies in skunks and foxes and help continue to keep Ontario’s raccoons free of rabies.

The flavoured baits immunize most skunks, foxes and raccoons that eat them. Baits are small and khaki green, with a toll-free rabies hotline number stamped on them. If you see baits, please leave them undisturbed.

Baiting also took place this summer in the Niagara Peninsula and on the St. Lawrence Islands and in the area of the St. Lawrence River.