Check Out This 203-P&Y Mississippi Slammer!

Mississippi is blessed with great soils, groceries and whitetail deer, and Shane Ragon found himself joining the ranks of the big buck club earlier this month.

Shane Ragon and his 203-plus Mississippi whitetail.

Mississippi Sportsman reports that Ragon arrowed a brute that green scored 203-plus Pope and Young in a sweet potato field on the evening of Oct. 6, opening day in the Magnolia State. He actually was hoping for a shot a a big ol’ feral boar hog but fortune smile on him.

The 7×7 bruiser scored 203 5/8 and had 12 sticker points adding 25 inches to the non-typical rack.

The Mississippi Sportsman report says the buck still would rank third on the state’s Magnolia Records non-typical list even if it loses eight points after the drying period before official scoring. Magnolia Records is the state’s official whitetail record book.

What an awesome buck, and no doubt the first of probably many to come from Mississippi and the Southeast this season! Check out the full report in Mississippi Sportsman by clicking here.