Christmas Deer Home Invasion: It’s No Rudolph

The Suburbanite

Green, Ohio –

On Dec. 23, when children are anxiously awaiting the sound of reindeer hooves on the
roof, Tonya and Dave Vincent of Green had a terrifying visit of the four-legged kind.

Tonya remembered her father’s telephone call to her office, “He said, ‘You need to
get home. A deer just came through the window.’ I couldn’t believe it.”

Tonya’s mother, Carol, was babysitting the Vincent’s two sons, Brett and Brandon.
“She’s a hero,” Tonya said.

“I was just coming up from the laundry and I saw glass flying,” Carol said.

A buck, which had nearly been hit on State Route 619, dashed across the snowy front
yard. “We don’t know how he dodged the Christmas decorations,” said Tonya. “But he
came right through the window.”

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