Close Call on Big 10-Point

Close call on 10-pointD&DH Camera School attendees Scott Reierson and Nate Winters filmed this dandy 10-pointer yesterday afternoon from their haybale blind hunt with Ram Outfitters in Winona, Minn. The buck entered the food plot at about 5:30 p.m. and was almost in shooting range when it became nervous and trotted back into the woods. 

"It was a awesome encounter," said Winters. "A couple of more steps, and we would have had a chance at him." 

Reierson and Winters are attending the inaugural D&DH Camera School with D&DH TV Executive Producer Chris Hermans and D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt. The teams will hunt again today and tomorrow. Check back to this blog for updates on those hunts.

2 thoughts on “Close Call on Big 10-Point

  1. Scott Reierson

    The food plot that Pat from Ram Outfitters had in this area was turnips with a mature apple tree on one end. It was an awesome set-up! The deer caught wind of us and walked off and stood on the edge, blowing off and on for about 3 min. Trip with DDH was very informative and we would do it again!

  2. John Richardson

    That is a good 10 pt . What kind of foodplot is he in? Gets me excited about getting out in the woods again. Hope they get this buck!!!

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