Closed Zones in LBL to be Open for Hunting

Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area will open certain areas typically marked as “No Hunting” zones for archery deer hunting.

Hunters are encouraged to harvest antlerless deer in these areas to reduce deer populations.

Kentucky areas will be open to archery hunting from Dec. 1-Jan. 20, including Hillman Ferry and Energy Lake campgrounds. Tennessee areas will be open to archery hunting Dec. 1-Jan. 5 and include Brandon Spring Group Center, Piney Campground, and the South Nature Watch Demonstration Area in the eastern portion of Hunt Area 16.

Hunting is not permitted within 150 yards of any facility, building, or occupied area. Maintenance staff will continue working throughout the winter in facilities; caution is advised when hunting in these areas. Hunting woodlands within the campground boundaries, away from campsites is permitted.

Energy Lake, Hillman Ferry, and Piney campgrounds will close for the season Nov. 30.

Camping will be available at Wranglers Campground, at Self-Service Camping Areas, and in the backcountry with the purchase of a Backcountry Camping Permit. All deer hunters age 16 and older are required to purchase an LBL Hunter Use Permit. Hunters must possess a hunting license and big game tag appropriate for the state portion of LBL on which they hunt.

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