Colorado Looking for Jackleg Who Shot Deer in Face With an Arrow

It takes a special kind of sick, twisted jackleg to shoot a deer in the face with an arrow, but apparently that’s what happened recently in one western state.

handcuffsColorado Parks and Wildlife officials are looking for information about a deer that was found with an arrow sticking out of its head.

The injured deer was reported to Colorado Parks and Wildlife Feb. 12, and was located in a neighborhood in northwest Colorado Springs, near Foothills Elementary School. The deer was a fawn and had been shot between the eyes.

“The deer was still alive but I could tell that it was having trouble functioning,” said Philip Gurule, District Wildlife Manager in Colorado Springs. The decision was made to put the animal down.

Upon investigation Gurule determined that the deer had been shot with a crossbow. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is now seeking help identifying the person responsible. Deer are not currently in season and crossbows are only allowed to be used during rifle seasons.

“This is not hunting, this is poaching,” Gurule said. “We’d like to find the individual responsible and make sure they are held accountable.”

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is also seeking information about another deer that was shot and killed. This deer was found Feb. 22, less than five miles away from where the first deer was discovered. It’s believed the deer was shot with an arrow while it was standing on the sidewalk.

“At this time we’re not sure if the two incidents are related or not, that’s why we’re asking for the public’s help,” Gurule said.

Operation Game Thief is offering a $500 reward for information leading to a citation being issued or an arrest being made.

Anyone with information is asked to call Colorado Wildlife Officer Philip Gurule at 719-227-5283 or Operation Game Thief at 1-877-265-6648. Verizon cell phone users can dial #OGT. Email tips can be sent to Callers to Operation Game Thief may remain anonymous if they wish.

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  1. cowboystl1

    really this debate will rage on but a head shot has more potential to go wrong than right! this guy is a poacher anyway so he needs to be caught regardless to me sounds like a couple kids though

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