Conflicts Among Archery, Firearms Deer Hunters

Mississippi’s Legislature has a small batch of wildlife-related bills to consider in its session including one in the House and Senate to legalize the broader use of crossbows.

As expected, the Mississippi Bowhunters Association is against that. according to this story in the Mississippi Sportsman.

“We do not think crossbows are true archery equipment,” said BHA rep Max Thomas of Madison.

Bowhunters have been at odds for years with the Legislature, which sets the laws and regulations for Mississippi hunters and anglers. Bowhunters want to be able to hunt with a bow during firearms season – currently the “bow only” season is Oct. 1 to the day before the first gun season opens – and are against any firearms in “their” season or more expansion of crossbows other than for physically disabled.

Bowhunters were able to hunt into gun seasons until 2010, when the state Attorney General ruled there is no regulatory provision to allow for archery equipment during firearms seasons. So the bowhunters have a few weeks and then gun hunters get their time, unlike in other states where bowhunters can continue hunting.

Six other pre-filed bills include one requiring all tree stands to have the owner’s name and address on the stand, and another would allow deer hunting with the aid of bait.

Go here to read the full story in Mississippi Sportsman.