Controversial Wolf Ruling a Huge Concern for Deer Hunters

Gray wolves photo by USFWS

Midwest gray wolf (Photo: USFWS)

Controversy still reigns in the December 2014 decision by a judge to return wolves to the federal Endangered Species List, sending state wildlife agencies and hunters into shock at what had been a successful management program for the predators.

After years of being on the Endangered Species list the wolves in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin were being managed by state agencies. That’s often par for the course with delisted animals, and an intelligent management plan includes hunting. The wolves were being hunted successfully — of course, the animal “rights” and anti-hunting groups were going nuts about it — yet the wolf numbers continued to rise above management expectations.

Gray Wolf photo by Corel Corporation1

Midwest gray wolf (Photo: Corel Corporation/USFWS)

Our own Dan Schmidt weighed in heavily about this after the December decision. Deer hunters in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan are aghast at the ruling. The combination of returning protection status to the wolves along with the last few brutal winters has affected the struggling white-tailed deer population in the states.

Hunters are finding wolves on game cameras, too. It’s a legitimate concern and now, the wolf populations will only grow stronger and larger.

Organizations are joining forces to try to get the ruling overturned. Here’s the latest news from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and U.S. Sportsmen’s Association about their efforts to help: